Topics: Crimping Pliers

Do I have to use crimping pliers when using crimp beads?

Crimping pliers are not a requirement when working with crimp beads or crimp tubes, however they leave a nice smooth, rounded shape. Crimping pliers are designed with two separate sections, one that compresses the crimp bead over the Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire and a second section that rounds the crimp bead so the finish is more rounded. Here is our ''How To Crimp a Crimp Bead/Crimp Tube'' how-to video and illustrated instructions.

Chain-nose pliers are the perfect tool to use when working with 1x1mm crimp beads or when you have limited space between the beads in your design and the finding on the end (clasp, earwire, etc.). To use chain-nose pliers to secure a crimp bead or tube, thread your design onto the beading wire, ending with a crimp bead, add your clasp or finding, then pass the beading wire back through the crimp bead. Separate the Accu-Flex within the crimp bead, compress the crimp bead with the chain-nose pliers and you're done. The shape remains flat however and the corners could be sharp.


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