Topics: Using 5-Minute Mold Making Compound

I have just recently gotten into experimenting with polymer clays. I remember hearing or reading somewhere, before I got into clay, that there is a two part mold-making material that is intended for clay use. I'd like to make some of my own molds. What are my options that will complement the nature and characteristics of the clay?

There is a great 2-part mold making material available--it's the Art Clay® World molding compound.

This stuff is great and captures amazing detail in almost everything you would think to make a mold out of. There are a few things to keep in mind when using the material:
  • Use equal amounts of both parts of the compound
  • Mix the parts together well, working until you have one solid color once mixed
  • Form a small "mound" with the compound on a surface that will be undisturbed for a little while
  • Impress the object you're making a mold out of into the compound, pressing the object into the material so it's level
  • Impress the object so you have all areas you want captured immersed into the compound
  • Let it sit right where it is until the mold material is set
  • You know the material is set when you can press your fingernail into the side of the molding compound and your nail doesn't leave a mark
The compound has a natural release ability and the object should pop out very easily, leaving behind a fabulous mold for you, ready to use with polymer clay or Art Clay.

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