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How do I get started selling my jewelry?
- Emily
While there are many different ways to go about selling your jewelry, I found the easiest way to get started is in your living room. There's no need to start your jewelry-making career by committing to a large, expensive booth at a national bead show or building an elaborate website.

Test the waters by hosting a house party and selling your jewelry there. If you're pleased with the response (which I bet you will be), sign up for a table at an office craft fair or church bazaar. If that goes well, register for a booth at your local bead society's show. Up next is your town's craft fair. THEN book a booth at a national trade show. From there, the sky's the limit. Good luck!

A great tool to help you, right from the beginning, is Jewelry Designer Manager Pro™. This is software that not only helps you price your finished designs, it also helps keep track of inventory, customers and many other functions that you'll be glad to have help with.


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