Topics: Which Crimp with Which Wire?

Crimp beads and tubes are generally available in two sizes: 2x2 and 3x2. Which size bead or tube would be suitable for using with Accu-Flex® beading wire in all sizes: 0.012, 0.014, 0.019 and 0.024? I am just starting to use those, but not too confident or sure if I am using the correct crimps!

- Pratibha
Always make sure the inside diameter of the crimp you choose is large enough to handle two times the diameter of your wire, since you'll be passing the wire through each crimp twice.

I would recommend using 1x1mm crimps for the 0.012 and 0.014 Accu-Flex beading wire. I would recommend using 2x2mm for the 0.019 Accu-Flex and 3x3mm for the 0.024 Accu-Flex.

The 3x2mm is a longer crimp with the diameter being the same as the 2x2--choosing the 3x2mm would be a design choice rather than a functionality decision.

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