Topics: Making Beaded Fringe

I learned how to make fringe a while ago but am afraid I have forgotten how to do it correctly. I do remember that you have a "stop" bead, and then go back through a few other beads. But when I try it, it doesn't work without showing the beading wire wrapped around the stop bead. Am I doing something wrong? Can you explain it to me better?

- Madeline
It sounds like you're doing the fringe perfectly. Depending on the beads you use as your stop bead, though, you might see the thread or wire on either side. For example, if you use Delica® seed beads, they are cylindrical in shape and will rest flat across the last bead in the fringe, exposing the threads. If you use a fringe seed bead the thread will be much closer to the beads in the fringe and therefore not exposing the thread as much. You could also try using a few seed beads (donut-shaped) as your ''stop bead'' instead of just one. As they curve around they will cover all threads.


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