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What kind of earrings would make good men's earrings to hang dagger or spider drops from? And if I buy the round rubber or leather cord, black, 3mm, for a man's necklace what clasps or crimping beads do I use on the ends to secure and fasten?

- Kathy

Below are a few earstuds I think would work for what you've described.

These earrings are great for their clean lines and have the loop you need to hang your charm from: These pairs have a round ball or half-ball on the stud, as well as a loop to hang the daggers from--sleek and functional! This pair has a C-hoop style also with a round loop:

There are many other styles to choose from, so be sure to check out the Earring Findings page for the full selection.

To finish rubber or leather cord, I like to use these crimp end options which are quick and easy, but also very secure: cord ends/tips or Sterling silver hook-and-eye clasp with crimp style end caps.


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