Topics: Necklace with Crimp Ends

What kind of wire or thread should be used when you want to use crimp ends to finish a necklace?

- Ruth
Crimp beads, crimp tubes and crimp ends are designed to clamp down and secure Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire. Crimp beads shouldn't be used when working with thread as they can cut or fray the thread over time.

Crimp beads provide a means for securing the ends of the Accu-Flex beading wire after it has passed through the loop of the clasp or other finding being used in your design. Crimp beads are appropriate for any project: earrings, bracelet, necklace or other designs made using Accu-Flex.

Crimp beads come in a variety of sizes and should be bought in regard to the size Accu-Flex beading wire you are using:
  • 0.012 size Accu-Flex with 1mm crimp beads
  • 0.014 size Accu-Flex with 2mm crimp beads
  • 0.019 size Accu-Flex with 2mm crimp beads
  • 0.024 size Accu-Flex with 2x3mm or 3x2mm crimp beads
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