Topics: Color-Matching, Color Wheel

When I find the perfect dress, I'm never sure it will match the necklace and earrings set I made. I can't carry my jewelry with me every time I go shopping and carrying tubes of seed beads and crystals is not the most convenient way to reference the colors I used. Any ideas on how to make it easier to match a new outfit to jewelry I already have?

- Margaret

Match your bead colors quickly and easily by making a color clip. String a single color of beads onto a large safety pin and attach the pin to a key ring. Continue with as many colors as you need to match, toss the ring in your purse and you'll never have to wonder if that dress in the shop will go with that special necklace in your jewelry box at home ever again.

Another convenient way to match colors on the go is with the Rainbowâ„¢ color selector wheel. This is a handy product for home or on the road because it is only 5 inches in diameter. Match the main color you are working with to a color on the wheel, then dial color combinations that will coordinate.

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