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No matter how hard I try, my needles always get bent while I'm beading--what am I doing wrong?

- Kim

My needles always bend too--it's caused by the bending the needle has to do to get through the beads, around corners or through beading material, like Lacy's Stiff Stuff™. I find it to actually be a benefit since it's easier to get through the beads, around the corners and through the beading material in the exact angle I prefer. I'm always sad when I lose my ''favorite'' needle and have to ''break in'' a new one.

If the bend in your needles is bothering you or causing a problem in your beadwork, then this solution is for you. You will need a pair of chain-nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers. Grasp the needle just below the eye with the chain-nose pliers. Starting below the bend in the needle and gripping firmly, pull the needle through the nylon pliers. Repeat as necessary. With a little manipulation, your needle will be as straight as new.

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