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We've saved the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels for a long time--I've done a lot of craft projects with my kids and am looking for a new idea--do you have anything that we can use them for that would incorporate Art Clay® or Kato Polyclay™?

- Mary Lou

Toilet paper rolls are the perfect size for making napkin rings; paper towel tubes are just about 1/4 inch smaller so would work great for this as well. Cut the tubes into 2-inch wide sections.

For an Art Clay® napkin ring:
Roll out a sheet of Art Clay and decorate it with rubber stamps or other textures. Cut 1- or 2-inch wide strips with a shrinkage of 8% in mind. Wrap a strip of the Art Clay around a section of tubing then seal the joint with water. Let dry then fire as you would your other Art Clay designs. The cardboard will burn out in the firing process. Finish the silver by brushing with a wire brush. Polish with Pikal Care metal polish if you'd like a shinier finish.

For a Kato Polyclay™ ring:
Roll out a conditioned sheet of Kato Polyclay™ in the thickness you'd like for your finished napkin ring. Texturize or decorate the sheet as you like. Cut into 1- or 2-inch strips, there is no shrinkage to worry about with Polyclay. Wrap the strip of clay around the roll and seal the clay to itself with pressure or a dab of Kato Polyclay medium liquid. Finishing with an overlapping joint will look great with a rustic finish, while a clean seam would be appropriate for a conservative design. Place the finished design into your toaster oven or convection oven then bake at 285 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Once cooled, remove the cardboard tubes and your napkin ring is complete.

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