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I like to scrapbook. When creating a really fun page, I like to include leftovers from previous projects, like fabric, ribbon, beads and charms. All of these have different properties, how do I know which glue to use so they actually stay in place?

- Nicole

There are many glues and adhesives to choose from. Here is an overview of the basic types and what they are best suited for:

Devcon 2-part Jeweler's Epoxy
Perfect for fixing flat, non-porous and porous surfaces together. Epoxy is a permanent, rigid adhesive that you must mix using two separate ingredients in equal measure. When these ingredients are combined, their chemical reaction is quick, so you must use it immediately and decisively or else it sets up and you have to re-mix more. This adhesive takes a long time to dry and cure, but the permanent cement-like hold is worth your patience.

Fabric Glue
The flexible nature of this glue is super strong and perfect for fixing beads to ribbon, leather or fabric. Try to choose a thick, gelled version that doesn't saturate the fabric, but instead sits on the surface.

Industrial Glue
Glues beads to both non-porous and porous surfaces. Takes a little while to cure but is worth the wait.

G-S Hypo cement adhesive
It is a great glue to fix ribbon, threads and knots into place. The fine tip used to apply flexible G-S Hypo cement adhesive is perfect for fine precision on small projects.

Instant Glue
Use to secure knots, glue crystals, bails, and cabochons in any jewelry application. Apply by the drop to form an instant, remarkably strong, clear bond.

More glue and adhesives:

Foam tape will make your designs really ''stand out'' from the crowd because it is a double-sided thick tape that adds a flexible dimension to any scrapbook or collage project by adding a little depth.

Peel and stick dot tape are a convenient way to quickly glue your project because there is no drying time and you can cut the sheets to any size and shape you need.

PLEASE NOTE: Each adhesive has unique characteristics. Be sure to read each products information carefully before selecting and using in your next project.

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