Topics: Add-a-Bead Chain

What is "Add-a-bead chain"? What technique secrets apply to this type of chain?

- Sheila
Add-a-bead chain is a very fine chain ranging from 0.4mm - 0.84mm. Add-a-bead chain will fit through the hole of many beads, making it a great alternative stringing material. Add-a-bead chain is available in bulk spools, and in both 16- and 18-inch finished lengths. The finished chains have a little tube clasp that is designed to also fit through the hole of many beads. Bulk chain made from links can be finished by adding a 22- or 24-gauge jumpring to each end and adding a clasp of your choice to one end. Woven bulk add-a-bead chain can be finished with crimp hook and loop ends.


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