Topics: Restringing a Prayer Necklace

I need to re-string a carnelian bead Mali prayer necklace. What type of medium would you recommend? Satin? Silk? Something else? Should I knot in between each bead for strength?
- Pat
We recommend restringing the carnelian beads using Silkon® thread in heavyweight. Silkon is a nylon based thread which has the drape of silk. The nylon makes Silkon strong and the drape makes it ideal for a special necklace.

It is always a good idea to knot in between beads with a necklace of this importance, not only will the knots strengthen the overall necklace they will help keep the beads in place should the necklace ever break (you'll only have to chase down one bead versus the whole strand).

You can knot Silkon by hand or use the Bead Knotter™. Macramé knots are also a nice way to accent a necklace as well as strengthen it.

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