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I got my first commission jewelry job for a wedding party and I'm all done except for the bride's necklace. My dilemma: I am using Swarovski 6mm round beads and Swarovski 4mm rondelle beads. Alternating to make a circle with no beginning and no end showing. I am stringing the chain on the left and right side of the circle and the clasp in the back. Looking at the circle on the right, I have connected a thin small O-ring to a rondelle so the chain will go thru like a lariat. I have tried to use wire, silk thread, etc. but all collapse. So far the only thing to hold up is fishing line: when I tie it tight it is stiff and stays circular. How do I glue it so the knot does not unravel? What glue should I use? Do you have another suggestion other than fishing line? HELPPPPPPPPPP!
- Susan
Actually, you're spot on! FireLine® thread is a great product to use with Swarovski crystal. It's strong and resists abrasion.

And you're ahead of the game with the knot, too. Gluing it is your best bet for security. Use a surgeon's knot with this kind of stringing material. When you glue the knot, it will need to be close to the edge of one of the crystals, if not hidden inside. I use the G-S Hypo cement, since it dries clear and the tip is so easy to get in small places.


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