Topics: Appropriate Chain for a Rosary

I'd like to make a rosary, using either wood or glass round beads. What kind of chain do I use? I've never worked with chain before.
- Anne
Rosaries are typically created by adding a bead to a length of wire and finishing the ends with a simple loop, or by adding a bead to an eyepin and finishing it with a simple loop. Either way, you create a double simple loop beaded element which can be linked to other double simple loop elements, creating your own beaded chain, or a rosary.

If you're not familiar with creating simple loops and double simple loop elements, review the free illustrated instructions as well as a how-to video to explain how this is done (link below).

If you'd like to incorporate chain into your design, follow the free instructions for our ''Rosary with Czech Pressed Glass Beads and Antiqued Pewter Cross Pendant''.

There are other types of chain that will also work, in addition to the Figaro chain used in the rosary necklace project: figure 8, curb and cable chain.

There are additional design ideas in the Gallery of Designs which might inspire you to create the perfect rosary.

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