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How do you add beads to the cell phone cords?
- Lisa
The mini lanyard components/zipper pulls are designed to attach to your cell phone by looping the cord through the lanyard holes found on the side or top of some phone models. The lanyard is attached to the cell phone or jacked zipper with a lark's head knot. Attach charms and drops directly to the lanyard ring with jump rings or split rings. Beads can be used to accent the lanyard by stringing them onto a head pin, finishing the head pin with a simple loop and then attaching the head pin with a jump ring or split ring. Also available are cell phone plugs that allow you to embellish your cell phone and protect the audio jack at the same time. The 1.5mm hole on the end of the lightweight plug allows designers to personalize with beads, charms, drops and more. Corrugated plug fits 3.5mm jacks on phones, computers and more.

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