Topics: Replacing A Magnetic Clasp

What can I do when I have already used a magnetic clasp on my necklace but then the magnetic clasp does not hold anymore and the necklace opens? I hate to have to restring...
- Shey
We recommend removing the magnetic clasp ends from the jumpring or split ring used to connect the clasp to your design and then attaching a new converter clasp, which has a very strong magnet. They're available in gold-plated and silver-plated finishes. If you didn't attach the magnetic clasp with a jumpring or split ring, use wire cutters to cut the connector or loop on the magnetic clasp which is no longer working, to free it from your stringing material. Place a jumpring through the loop on the stringing material and through the loop on the new magnetic clasp. Close the jumpring. Repeat on the other half of your design.

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