Topics: Finishing a Necklace with Large-Hole Glass Beads

I am making a necklace with glass beads, but when I put on the crimp bead to hold the bead in place, the hole in the bead is bigger than what the crimp bead holds. What do I do to keep my glass bead in place?
- Valerie
Crimp covers! Measure the hole size of the glass beads to make sure they are smaller than the diameter of the crimp cover (3, 4 or 5 millimeters). A 4 or 5mm cover works really well with a 2 millimeter crimp bead.

Place and crimp your crimp bead. Slide the cover over the crimp and then press it closed using the rounded ''open'' section of the crimping pliers or nylon jaw pliers.

You can choose precious metal or plated crimp covers, both in gold and silver tone.

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