Topics: Preventing Tarnish on Gold-Plated Beads

I love the look of the gold-plated beads with my gemstones but they "turn" or tarnish with only one or two wearings, and then they look awful! Is there anything I can do to stop this? I can't afford to use the real thing.
- Cheryl
To prevent tarnishing between uses, store Shine-On™ anti-tarnish paper with your jewelry or place the jewelry in a recloseable anti-tarnish bag.

Gold-filled beads (which have a thicker coating of gold than gold-plated beads) are a beautiful and affordable alternative to solid gold beads in your gemstone jewelry. Also check out ''vermeil'' beads (sterling silver with gold plating) for an option that is truly opulent without the solid-gold price tag.

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