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I am slightly confused, never having seen a "rivoli" before. Are they supposed to dangle, as in earrings, or can they be stitched onto cloth? They look fascinating.
- John
Swarovski crystal rivolis are round with elongated facets on the front and back to create maximum sparkle. Undrilled rivoli look great in settings. You can also utilize them in your jewelry designs by using seed beads, a needle and beading thread to stitch an off-loom bezel, or you can create a different type of bezel by gluing them to fabric with E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive and bead embroidering around them. Drilled rivolis come in three different versions: drops have a front-to-back hole near the top for hanging, buttons have a horizontally drilled hole across the back to act as a shank, and sew-ons have flat backs and front-to-back holes at opposite sides so they can be easily stitched to fabric.

Materials Resources

The projects (below) illustrate how to use seed beads as an off-loom bezel. Change the cabochons to rivolis and you are on your way.

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