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I am beginning a bracelet that will have many individual beads--is it okay to use the headpins on each bead and then attach the beads to the chain with jumprings? I know that means extra materials, but this is my first bracelet of this type and I think I would do better by wiring all the elements first rather than wiring them directly to the bracelet chain. I would appreciate your opinion, please.
- Donna
Using a wrapped loop to attach headpins to a chain comprised of closed links, is the most secure way to attach beads to a chain, as it is a closed connection. If you would prefer to create bead drops by forming the wrapped loops on the headpins first, and then using jumprings to attach the drops to the chain, that will work too. The jumprings will add extra length to your bead drops as well as have an open seam. Be sure to use as heavy a jumpring you can fit through the chain links and to close them securely.

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