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I have quite a collection of Hill Tribe Silver beads. I have been keeping them in clear hard plastic stackable screw together storage containers. I have noticed that they are beginning to tarnish. It will be quite a job to shine them up again. Could you recommend the best way to store them (for the future) and what would be the best way for me to clean these intricate beads. Many thanks for your help.
- Bette
Empire's instant tarnish remover is a liquid you simply dip your beads into to remove the tarnish. Once immersed for several seconds, just rinse the beads in warm water and then wipe them dry. Once the tarnish is removed, store your beads in anti-tarnish bags or add Shine-On™ anti-tarnish papers to the storage you already have. Luckily, Hill Tribe Silver beads are made with fine silver (95-99% pure), which means they do not tarnish easily and you will not have to clean them very often.

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