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I am trying to suspend a 6000 series 11x5.5mm Swarovski teardrop below a larger bead and I am having trouble finding the right solution. I have tried a round jumpring and making my own findings out of wire, however I'm not skilled enough yet to make it look professional. Is there such a thing as a tiny triangular bail that would be small enough to fit these little teardrops? Does Fire Mountain carry any? Thank you for your help.
- Emily
A small prong or ice-pick bail may be just what you need for your design. Use chain-nose pliers to open the bail, position the bail over the holes on the teardrop and pinch the bail closed, making sure the prongs go through the holes of the crystal drop bead. For added security, add a dab of E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive inside the bead hole before closing.

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