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How do I shorten a knotted pearl necklace by 8 pearls without having to restring it?
- Glendy
To maintain a professional look, it's usually best to restring the pearl necklace when shortening it. However here's a technique that allows you to avoid restringing.

If your necklace is single-stranded and terminates with a bead tip, use very sharp scissors to cut one thread end between the last bead and the bead tip. Open the bead tip and clean out the thread; set aside. Remove the last bead in the necklace. Use an awl to loosen the last knot and remove the next pearl; repeat to remove the necessary number of pearls. Place a twisted wire needle on the thread and pass through the bead tip. Tie a knot to secure the strand, glue the knot with G-S Hypo cement adhesive, and let dry. Close the bead tip over the knot.

If your necklace is a single-strand and terminates with a clasp, use scissors to cut the thread between the last bead and one half of the clasp. Remove the necessary number of pearls, plus one. Finish preparing the strand so it ends with a pearl, versus a knot. Place a twisted wire needle on the thread and string one pearl and half of the clasp. Pass back through the last pearl strung and tie an overhand knot around the thread between the final two pearls. Use G-S Hypo cement to secure the knot.

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