Topics: Three Strand Bracelets

I'm making a three-strand bracelet. I'd like to keep each strand in its own row across the bracelet's length, but then connect them all to a one-strand clasp. How do I do this?
- Sherry
Here's how you can make a three-strand bracelet with a single-strand clasp:

1. Use a jumpring to attach the single loop on a one-to-three connector to your single-strand clasp.

2. Use crimp tubes to attach a strand of Accu-Flex® beading wire to each of the three loops on the other side of the connector.

3. String approximately 1-inch of beads on each wire, and add a spacer bar to keep the strands from overlapping. Repeat, adding beads spaced by three to four bars along the length of the bracelet.
  • You can use bars that are barely noticeable, or incorporate more ornate bars into your overall design
  • When measuring strand length, remember to subtract the width of the connectors and clasp

4. Connect the three strands to a second one-to-three connector.

5. Attach the connector to the second half of the clasp.


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