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I want to purchase the 18x13mm cameos you sell, however I cannot find anything in your huge catalog to affix them to. What are you supposed to do with these cameos? I was hoping to link them, ideally vertically but I'd settle for horizontally, to make a bracelet. With all the amazing stuff you carry, I can't believe there's nothing for cameos! I'd appreciate any suggestions you have, thanks!
- Graceann
18x13mm settings are great for setting cameos. Using a toothpick, apply a thin bead of E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive along the edge of the setting, then press the cameo into position. Repeat for as many cameos as you'll be using in the finished bracelet design. Let the adhesive cure overnight for a secure bond.

Once cured, pass a jumpring through the filigree on the side of two settings connecting them then close. Repeat to connect all the settings together then use jumprings to attach a portion of the clasp to the last settings on each end of the bracelet.

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