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Is there any way to connect multiple strands of heavier cord, like the satin cords or leather cords?
- Mary
There are several ways to achieve a multi-strand cord design. The key is to keep the cord ends tidy using findings. Here are two design tips to get you started:
  • Use E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive to glue your cord ends into an end cap that's the same width as your compressed bulk of cords. Use jumprings to attach a clasp to the cord ends, or use an end cap with the clasp built right in.
  • Use wire cutters to cut 4 inches of half-hard wire and form a simple loop at one end with round-nose pliers. Use a square knot to tie each cord end to the loop. Pass the wire neck through a cone that's wide enough to take the knots and loop. Then form a wrapped loop. The knots and loop should be hidden within the cone. Repeat at the other end of your piece and add your clasp to one of the wrapped-loop ends to finish.
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