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What factors should I consider when choosing a clasp for my jewelry design?
- Matilda, CA
When you are choosing a clasp for your design, consider the following:

Clasp Size:
Is the clasp the appropriate size for the beads used? For example, if you are stringing 6mm gemstone beads and you have decided to use a springring clasp, a 6mm or 7mm clasp would be appropriate. If you are making a delicate necklace with 4mm crystals and a fine cable chain, a 7mm clasp would be too large. A better choice may be a 5mm or 6mm springring or a small lobster claw clasp.

Clasp Strength:
Is the clasp easy to manage for the person who will be wearing it? Lobster claws, alligator clip, magnetic, self-closing and some hook clasps are the easiest for customers with arthritis or hand and arm problems.

Is the clasp aesthetically pleasing with your jewelry design? If you're not a fan of the "look and feel," chances are your customer won't like it either.

Clasp Security:
For any necklace you would consider insuring, a securely closing clasp should be used. A securely closing clasp is any clasp that uses double action (for example: push or pull a release and pull the clasp apart) to remove.

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