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I'm fine selling my jewelry face to face, right up to the point where I have to ask for the money. Then I get nervous. How common is that, and what can I do about it?
- Cindy, Freeport, ME
The part of the sale you're talking about is the ''close,'' and it's the point of the process where many people find they don't know what to say or do. I prefer ''assumptive'' closes, because they smoothly guide the sale to a conclusion. An ''assumptive'' close is called that because you assume the prospect (having learned about the piece and after you've answered any questions) is ready to buy. Common assumptive closes are, ''How would you like to pay for that?'' or ''Would you like that wrapped, or do you want to wear it now?'' The next time you are shopping, especially at a better department store, observe carefully how salespeople close by listening to them handle other customers. You'll notice the ''assumptive'' close is used everywhere. Begin trying it and see if it reduces your anxiety at the end of the sale. - Dr. David Weiman

Dr. David Weiman is a respected expert in the field of marketing and selling handcrafted jewelry and a well-read contributor to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads "Ask the Experts". He is the author of Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry, The Jewelry Selling Answer Book and The 5 Keys to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry. A free newsletter on selling handmade jewelry is available at his website:

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