Topics: Gem-Setting Pliers, Faceted Gems

Do I need to buy gem-setting pliers for setting faceted gems?
- Becky, NV
You can use chain-nose pliers when setting a stone, however gem-setting pliers are specifically designed for this task and offer greater precision. Gem-setting pliers are parallel action pliers with an adjustment that can be pre-set to the size of the setting. This design limits the amount of travel the jaws are allowed, protecting your stone and the setting.

Gem-setting pliers are an invaluable tool to tighten the prongs on rings, pendants or other settings. To see this tool in action, refer to the ''Using Gem Setting Pliers'' how-to video and illustrated instructions, and don't forget to reference the "Faceted Gemstone Weight and Size Charts" and the "Gemstone Size and Ruler Chart" PDF to be sure you get just the right stone for your project.

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