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Will .025-inch precious metal headpins go through cultured freshwater pearls?
- Chris, AL
A 0.025-inch diameter (22-gauge) headpin will typically work with a larger (6-8mm) cultured freshwater pearl as their drill hole sizes are larger than smaller pearls (2-5mm). However, a 0.020 or 24-gauge wire is a better choice when working with cultured freshwater pearls because most have smaller holes.

If 0.025-inch is the size headpin you are using in your project, and the pearls do not fit, the drill hole can be enlarged with a pearl reamer.

Refer to ''How to Use Bead and Pearl Reamers'' for instructions on how to enlarge pearl holes.

Refer to the "Wire Gauge to Inches and Millimeters" chart to see which size wire works well with different bead hole sizes.

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