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Can any size bead be used for tubular peyote, or is it confined to the smaller beads? What shape bead works best?
- Mahony
You can use any size bead for the tubular peyote stitch. Just be aware that the larger size bead you use, the larger diameter the finished piece is going to be. Cylinder shaped beads are the best shape to use in any peyote project as they stack up neatly next to each other, like bricks; Delica® 11/0 seed beads are the most popular. The Dyna-Mites 6/0 are also cylinder shaped and work especially well for the larger projects.

Round seed beads can also work for this stitch, Dyna-Mites size 11/0 is comparable to the Delica 11/0 size and Dyna-Mites 8/0 is a little larger. For more instruction on tubular peyote, review the ''How to Make a Tubular Peyote Stitch'' how-to video and instructionsl.

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