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I am looking for instruction/ideas on a mother's bracelet using sterling silver alphabet cubes. I want to spell the baby's name and string beads between. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
- Donna
You can use alphabet beads to spell out the child's name, stringing them as you would any beads in a strung bracelet. View the instruction links below. Mother's bracelets often use other beads in the design that represent the color of the month the child was born. These colors can be found in the "Suggested Birthstones" chart.

You can assemble and finish the bracelet using different methods. One option is to string the beads onto Powercord® or elastic cording, then finish it with a surgeon's or square knot to make a stretchy bracelet.

Another idea would be to string the beads onto Accu-Flex® beading wire then finish the bracelet with a clasp secured with crimp beads.

There are other projects and techniques you can use to create the bracelets. Look through the Beading Instructions section for the technique that is right for you:

Materials Resources

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