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I would like to make a dangle ring with small beads. What kind of wire/thread should I use and how should I finish the ends?
- Angie
Dangles made on a metal ring base are best done using a headpin, made from base or precious metal wire. The metal to metal connection will be very durable and able to withstand a lot of wear. When creating your dangles, place the beads onto the headpin then finish the end with a simple loop. Slightly open the simple loop and pass it through a loop on the ring. Close the simple loop to secure.

There are many ring bases with loops including the Cha Cha ring--a preformed stainless steel flexible ring base and adjustable ring-size Hill Tribes Fine Silver rings. Each of the bases gives you the ability to add as many dangles as you like.

Dangles made on a seed bead ring base are best done using a strong thread like Berkeley® FireLine®, Nymo® nylon thread or Silamide. A "fringe" technique is a good way to add beaded dangles. They are constructed using the same type of thread made to create the base, connecting the two together in a very strong and secure fashion. Fringe beads would be great end beads for the fringe or dangles as they hide and protect the thread ends.

- Sandra Lupo, Jewelry Designer and Instructor

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