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There is a finding (not sure of its name) that is tightly spiraled and has a loop at the top. I see corded necklaces used with this. The cord is attached somehow to this finding. It does not look crimped or flattened at all yet the cord remains tight in it. HOW do I do this? I have not been able to find the answer. Please Help! Thanks! Oh and where do I look for the answer please?
- Sheila
Cord Coils are the answer! They are tightly spiraled findings with loops on the end. These findings are made to accommodate thicker stringing materials like leather, satin, silk and even some styles of chain.

Choose a cord coil with an inside diameter that matches the closest to the outside diameter of the cord or chain you are using in your project. Apply G-S Hypo cement to the inside of the cord coil, and then insert the cord into the coil. With a pair of chain-nose pliers, gently compress the end coil inward until the cord is secure. Let the glue dry per manufacturer's guidelines and once dry, attach a clasp with jumprings.

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