Topics: Gemstone, Turquoise, Half-Drilled

I have a heart-shaped turquoise pendant with a hole in the top that is only about 1/4 inch deep. How can I use this pendant?
- Donna L.
A pendant bail with a peg is the perfect finding for the job. The peg is designed to be glued into a half-drilled bead, like yours, and the bail makes it easy to incorporate the finished pendant into a necklace.

Apply a small amount of a permanent adhesive, such as Loctite® 409 Gel, to the peg. Loctite 409 Gel has a strong hold and dries quickly and clear. Screw the peg into place and let the adhesive cure according to the manufacturer's directions. String the bail onto a chain for an instant necklace, or into one of your own jewelry designs. Resources

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