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How do you use ''T'' drilled beads and end beads? Also how do you make tassels?
- Cochenour
To use a T-drilled bead and end beads like those used in power bracelets, it is helpful to use a flexible beading needle, such as a light twisted needle.
  • Using chain-nose pliers, bend the needle into a right angle, toward the end
  • Thread the needle with your cording
  • Pass the needle into a side hole of the bead, then out of the top hole
  • Use the chain-nose pliers to pull the needle through the T-shaped passage
  • Repeat to thread the other end of the cording through the other side of the T-drilled bead, and both ends of the cord are exiting the bead together
  • Tie a square knot with the two ends of the cording to secure
To create a tassel, pass the two ends of stringing material, emerging from the T-drilled bead through a cone shaped end bead and make a square knot holding both ends together. This will secure the beads on the stringing material as well as create a tassel end on your bracelet. To further embellish the cording, you can string beads over the cording, adding a knot at the end to secure the beads in place.

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