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I recently collected a lot of small stones and pebbles on the beach and want to wire wrap them and turn them into pendants. However, after the stones dried, they lost some of the appeal that made me pick them up in the first place. How can I treat the stones to give them the ''just out of the ocean'' look again? And I need this to be permanent and safe to wear. Thank you,
- Tina
Mona Lisa™ Metal Leaf™ top coat sealant creates a clear, glossy, color-enhancing finish. Simply brush it onto your stones and in just 15 minutes it will be dry to the touch. The finish is cured after 24 hours.

You can also try polishing the stones in a rock and jewelry tumbler. The tumbler is used to polish metal and stone to bring out the best, most polished look possible. The Lortone Model 3A rotary tumbler is a good choice for doing this type of work. It is widely used in the industry, has a long running life and is quiet due to the patented rubber barrel. The rock tumbling abrasive and polish kit will provide all that you will need to take your stone from its rough stage to a finely polished end product.

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