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I have purchased 2mm beading chain and don't know what kind of end(s) to put on it to finish the piece. Can you help, please?
- Ford
The finishing method is dictated by the type of chain.

For thin beading chain, fold-over cord ends work very well and give the chain a professional finished look. Choose a cord end with an inside diameter the size of your chain or slightly larger. Place a small dot of E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive on the end of the chain, place the end of the chain inside the fold-over section of the cord end and then close the fold-over sides one at a time using chain-nose pliers.

If your chain is a snake chain, ball chain or other chain without open links, you need to use an end cap or tip secured with pliers and a small dab of E-6000 or a crimp with a loop secured using chain-nose pliers. A chain that has open links can be finished using a variety of clasps secured with jumprings, split rings or a double-wrapped loop.

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