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I want to hide a knot in elastic beading cord? Can I use a crimp bead or something else? Thank you.
- Leanne
You could close a small crimp cover over the knot. A 3mm to 4mm size sterling silver, gold-filled, silver- or gold-plated crimp cover should work fine depending on the size of the knot. View the how-to video and instruction on using crimp covers for the correct technique.

Another way to hide the knot is to pull it into the hole of the bead next to it where the knot is made. Use at least one bead with a hole large enough to contain the knot, and make sure the knot is tied next to that bead.

It is always a good idea to tie the elastic cord off with a surgeon's knot, then add a drop of glue to the knot before covering it with the crimp cover or pulling it into the bead hole.

Powercord® is an excellent choice because it is made with high quality elastic that holds its shape, and it comes in several diameters to accommodate different size beads.

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