Topics: Multi-Strand Necklace, Finishing

I have just completed a multi-strand necklace with each strand being a different sized bead. The very small strand of freshwater pearls have a hole too small to bring the flex wire through after crimping. What should I do to finish this strand so it does not come undone?
- Anna Maria
There are crimp tubes that have loops attached to one end. Pass the wire though the crimp tube with the loop to the outside. Make sure there is no slack along the length of the necklace. Place a small amount of glue inside the crimp. Crimp the crimp tube using crimping pliers or chain-nose pliers. Trim the excess wire from the end of the tube using wire nippers. Attach the loop to the clasp using a jumpring.

You could also use a bead reamer to enlarge the hole of the pearl to accommodate both wires passing through the last bead. View the how-to video and instructions on using bead and pearl reamers if you haven't used the tool before.

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