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Should you use heavy Silkon for bracelets with large gemstones or Acculon? I had a bracelet break using Acculon and crimps and didn't know if Silkon would be better or stronger.
- Vicki
If you want to use thread, then Berkeley® FireLine® is probably the best choice for the project if the weight is less than 6 pounds, otherwise the largest diameter Accu-Flex® beading wire that will fit the beads would also work well.

FireLine thread is designed for stringing and weaving projects. This popular jewelry-making thread does not stretch or tangle, threads effortlessly and resists abrasion.

The gel-spun, polyethylene braided thread is recognized as the strongest fiber, per diameter, ever created. The advanced technology used to make FireLine thread, makes it ultra-thin in diameter but three times stronger than regular monofilament. It's also UV protected so it won't deteriorate in the sunlight.

When finishing FireLine and attaching it to your clasp or finding, knots work great, adding a drop of G-S Hypo cement adhesive will make the knot even stronger.

The tensile strength of beading wire is dependent on several factors: the material, the strand count and the overall diameter of the wire. The following chart lists the tensile strength of each variety of Accu-Flex. Use this chart to help you select the right variety of Accu-Flex for your project.

Wire Strands .012" .014" .019" .024"
Brass 7 7.1 lbs. 12.6 lbs. 17.3 lbs. 33.0 lbs.
Sterling Silver 7 -- 8.7 12.5 --
19 -- -- -- 17.4
49 -- -- 8.5 13.7
Stainless Steel, clear only 7 9.0 9.0 26.2 40.5
21 5.9 11.0 24.2 33.0
All Stainless Steel with Nylon Coating 49 9.5 13.9 24.9 38.7

When finishing Accu-Flex and attaching it to your clasp, crimping with crimp beads and crimping pliers is recommended for the most secure connection.

Jewelry Makers Tip: Be careful when using crimp beads on threads and elastic cords, especially with round crimps. Once crimped the edges can cut into the cord or thread which will reduce the strength or may possibly cut through completely.

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