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I saw a wire-wrap sterling silver pendant shaped like a bird's nest. It held pearls as the eggs. Can you suggest a pattern for wrapping the nest? And because it is dainty, what gauge of wire would you suggest?
- Jacquelline
A bird's nest can be made using 24-gauge sterling silver or any other type of round half-hard or hard wire.

Knowing that 25 inches will yield a small charm, cut an amount of wire to your desired length. String on a few beads that resemble eggs, such as small rice or seed pearls or turquoise beads. Place the beads near one end of the wire, leaving a 3-inch tail. Overlap the tail and the working length of wire to secure the beads in place. Wind the working length of wire around, and under the beads for a few revolutions, forming the inside base of the nest. Using the working length of wire, pass the wire up through the center of the beads and then around the outside of the layers of wire. This will secure the work you have done and give the nest some structure. Repeat this process until there is only a little wire left. Pass the remaining wire randomly through the wraps until it is all secure. Don't pull so tightly you compress the nice flow of wire.

Using round-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers, form the tail into a wrapped loop to use as a bail when stringing the nest charm. Using flush-cutters, trim any excess wire.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making ExpertMaterials Resources

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