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Is there some magic way to attach a crimp tube with an attached clasp to a finished piece strung on wire? Attaching the first tube at one end is easy, but when attaching the second one, the wire slips back through the beads (and then the beads fall off the wire causing endless frustration)--and the wire is cut so short (to fit into the crimp), there's nothing to grasp. The opening on the tube is so narrow that it would be nearly impossible to put a long piece of wire through the tube and cut it later. Any suggestions?
- Thank you, Leslie
Here are two options to help avoid restringing the entire strand:
  • Crimp ends with loops and hooks
    • String a crimp tube (with the loop or hook to the outside) onto the end of the strand. Using chain-nose pliers, crimp the crimp tube in the center to secure. The hook end can be used as the clasp, connecting it to a crimp tube with loop on the other end of the necklace.
  • Extend the wire with a crimp and a crimp cover
    • Cut a piece of beading wire the length needed to extend the strand plus 5 inches. String the crimp onto the existing wire and place the new length of wire through the same crimp. Using crimping pliers, crimp the crimp tube. Place a crimp cover over the crimp to hide it. String the beads onto the extended strand. Finish the strand by stringing through a new crimp and the loop on the clasp. Pass the wire back through the crimp, pull the strand tight and use the crimping pliers to crimp the crimp tube.
If these options don't work, the best bet would be to restring the entire strand using a new, longer strand of beading wire and crimps.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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