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I am new to making jewelry. A friend of mine asked me to make a necklace out of an arrowhead. I told her I would try, but I have no clue how to start. Can you give me some ideas on how to do it? Thank you.
- Susan
Wire wrapping is a great way to incorporate items without holes into strung jewelry projects. It's a freeform technique that utilizes your own personal creativity and tastes for each design. The recommended wire for ease of wrapping is half-hard 22-gauge round wire. Half-hard wire offers a good combination of malleability and durability, making it easy to create a bend in the wire and have confidence the bend will stay as you made it. The gauge is delicate enough to not overpower the object you are setting, yet substantial enough to hold it in place.

You might find your design would work better with a heavier wire of 18- or 20-gauge, or with a finer wire of 24- or 26-gauge. You may find you prefer working with a wire that is more malleable, like dead-soft, or one that is more rigid, such as full-hard. All of these options are definitely worth experimenting with as you develop your style and design repertoire. - Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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