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I am totally new to beading. I want to make a right-angle-weave bracelet. Can you tell me where to find instructions for adding the center bead to each right angle group? Thanks.
- Jo Ann
Begin by making a right-angle weave bracelet, referring to the "Right-Angle Weave" how-to video and instructions. Select a good quality thread like Nymo® nylon thread or FireLine® that will hold up well while passing through the beads multiple times. A size #10 or #12 beading needle works best for right-angle weave project due to their very thin diameter and flexibility.

The beads in the centers of the right-angle weave squares are an embellishment added after the base of the bracelet has been stitched. Add these beads by using your thread to travel in a zigzag path along the structure of the bracelet, passing the thread through the bottom bead of the "square" sliding a bead onto the thread, and then passing the thread through the top bead of the square on up the structure of the bracelet. Finish the piece by weaving in your ends. - Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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