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I read the question about making a button necklace, however, the answer was for "flat" buttons with holes. What about the buttons that have the "holes" or place for thread in the back and are not flat? How do you string those to lay flat or look nice? Thanks
- Martha
There is a finding called a button converter that you attach to buttons using adhesive and then use the assembly as a pendant on a chain or attached to a necklace. These are made with a hole in the center of the back to accommodate most loops on the back of the button. The button converter then has two loops on the back of the converter which helps hold it in place.

Another way to help hold the button in place and keep it from swiveling on the beading wire is to use two strands of beads. String each strand through the single loop on the button then continue on with two strands of beads. A good example of this is the bracelet with India-Nickel Metal Beads.

- Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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