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How do you put the printed flower designs on round clay beads?
- Yvonne
Follow these easy steps to add beautiful printed flower designs to beads:

Step 1: Using scissors, cut out a flower decal, working closely to the outline of the design.

Step 2: Place one of the decals in a shallow dish filled with water and gently submerge the decal for a few seconds. The decal will float off of the paper.

Step 3: Using your finger, gently lift the decal from the water and position it on one side of the bead. You have a little time to move the decal to the desired position while it is still wet. It will become harder to move as it starts to dry. Smooth out the decal using your fingers and move the air bubbles to the outer edges.

Step 4: Allow the decals to dry completely before use. - Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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