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When making seed bead necklaces that have a definite front and center (e.g., St. Petersburg stitch with a V-neck), I find that the center slips around and doesn't sit quite right all the time I'm wearing it. Is there any way to weight those lovely, light seed beads so that the center stays put? Thanks!
- Ruth
A sure way to keep a seed bead necklace centered is to add a pendant at the "V" point of the necklace. A Swarovski crystal drop is heavy enough to hold the center in place, but not bulky enough to ruin the drape of the necklace, and it is easy to attach using a small ice pick or pinch bail and/or jumpring. If you are not interested in adding a pendant to your necklace, choose a very small, lightweight clasp so that it won't work its way toward the front. - Molly Schaller, Jewelry-Making Expert

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