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Could you please do a video on twisting wire using a pin vise--I have a pin vise from Fire Mountain and do not know how to use it, the wooden knob just swivels but the wire does not twist. Thank you,
- Seiders
We will add this to our list for videos, thanks for the suggestion. Meanwhile, I hope the following will help:
  • Cut a length of round wire and fold it in half, or cut a length or square wire and do not fold this in half.
  • Loosen the covering on the end of the pin vise (the bead reamer works like this as well) enough that the opening on the inside is wide enough to accommodate the two ends of your folded wire (or the single width of the square wire).
  • Insert the two ends of the wire (or single width of square wire) far enough into the opening that once tightened, the wire is held securely.
  • Once the wire is secured in the pin vise, insert the folded end of the round wire (or the other end of your square wire) into a bench vise anchored to a work surface.
  • Once secured, hold the pin vise in your hand then move away from the anchored vise until the wire is horizontal and straight.
  • Turn the pin vise clockwise, twisting the wire. Continue turning until the wire is twisted as much as you like.
The wire twister is another great tool to use when twisting wire. There is a detailed how-to and 3D animation on using this tool which you might find helpful. ''Using the Wire Twister'' how-to video and illustrated instructions.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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